Vapour Blasting

In short the vapour blasting process will render your non-ferrous items, such as aluminium, magnesium etc., blemish free and with a high quality satin finish. The process causes no damage or scouring to the material which means that gasket faces and bearing journals are left unscathed.

The primary stage of the process is to ensure that the items to be vapour blasted are completely free from traces of paint or grease as the slightest contamination can have adverse affect upon the process. If time is pressing, you lack the necessary cleaning equipment or it’s just a case of not being confident of being able to clean the item to the required standard then we will provide this service for a small additional charge, depending upon the cleaning level required.

Thoroughly cleaned items are now ready for the main stage of the process and are vapour blasted. The action of vapour blasting uses small glass beads held in a suspension of water producing a mildly abrasive slurry.  This slurry, within the safety of an enclosed tank, is then blasted over the item removing any oxidisation and surface blemishes, polishing the item leaving the high quality (and visually pleasing) satin finish.

Once happy that the vapour blasting process has produced the best result attainable for your item then the finishing stage is carried out. The item is thoroughly washed to remove and traces of debris or glass beads. Finally, after drying, an oxidation inhibitor (ACF 50) is applied to help prolong the enhanced appearance for an extended time period.

Just a reminder that this process is unsuitable for ferrous materials, please refer to our bead/shot blasting services for these items.

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